Calendula, Neroli & Shea Blossom manibombs

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A mini bathbomb, made for manicures.

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Product Description

Everyone knows our hands deserve more pampering than they probably receive. Why don’t you start your Paws by Eddie manicure with a luscious manibomb?

A manibomb is a mini bathbomb, made for manicures/hand soaks. Grab your favourite manicure bowl, fill it with warm water and Drop that Bomb. Manibomb. It will start fizzing festively, releasing the scent and qualities of the ingredients of your manibomb. Now just soak as long as you wish! If your hands start to wrinkle, it’s probably time to stop 😉

You will receive two manibombs. These mani bombs contain a colourant and perfume oil. You can choose your bombs without colourant, and with only Neroli essential oil.

These manibombs contain baking soda, citric acid, kaolin clay, coconut oil, dried calendula petals, a skin safe colourant and either a fragrance or essential oil (customer choice).

Additional Information


Neroli essential oil only (natural), Perfume + colourant (a)