Some amazing bloggers have written about Paws By Eddie polishes. Go and check out their posts, they truly deserve all the clicks they can get <3 Links open in a new window/tab.

Squeaky Nails
The Adventures of Captain Proton & Borg DNA

The Defiant Few & The NeedWant
She has pictures of the glow in the dark effect!
Nail The Mail September review (Da Firenze)

Cat’s World (Instagram)
The Defiant Few & Shtako
Great video of thermal effect in Shtako

Kimbers Lacquer Korner
Nucking Futs Nix & Emma

Lacquerbrain (Instagram)
The Overlord, The Defiant Few, Holiday 2014 Collection

Charming Polish
Castithan Wedding Song & Rikki

Journails (customer)
Tape manicure including The NeedWant
The Defiant Few
Castithan Wedding Song

Ritsy (customer, Dutch)
Brona & Sir Malcolm

Marias Nail Art and Polish blog
Several polishes

Nailtalk (Dutch)
Orphan Black collection Alison, Cosima, Sarah, Rachel, Helena

Anne from Handsome Girls
Ethan, Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, lip balm, sandalwood cuticle oil and manibombs
3D cat nail charms
Mermaid & nautical nail charms
Nautical nail charm
Unicorn nail charm

Manicured And Marvelous
Lady Detectives collection

Nail The Mail September review (Da Firenze):
Greedy Little Baby
Nails Always Polished