The main mascotte of Paws by Eddie indie nail polish brand is LacquerLabCat, aka Eddie, aka Ezio. He is the most perfect tuxedo cat and everyone should have a cat like him. He takes his task of thoroughly checking every box with supplies as it arrives, very seriously.

Obviously, he is also the mascotte for Smooches by Eddie (handmade vegan lip balm), Furs by Eddie (hand blended hair products) and any other – by Eddie brand =)




His first step to world domination is adding a little Swatchkitty charm to every Paws by Eddie nail polish. Just look at them. Don’t they make you melt?

They are called Swatchkitties because when you receive your nail polish, the heart of the kitty charm is coated with the bought polish.



LacquerLabCat makes regular appearances on PbE’s Instagram page. He is convinced every follower secretly follows PbE to see pictures of him. He sees every like as a personal victory 😉

Check out #LacquerLabCat, #LacquerLabCats and #EzioAndEvie for some adorable cat pics. They’ll put a smile on your face!


Sometimes Ezio gets mail, too

Sometimes Ezio gets mail, too

Sometimes, his ego is enforced when nailmail or supply orders from lovely people in the nail community include gifts for him. Lucky cat!

While he is very picky when it comes to toys, he is always appreciative of the packaging materials…


In addition to Ezio, our household also includes Evie. Evie is a naughty little tabby that we adopted in the summer of 2015. I have written about the adoption process (and included a lot of pictures) in a blog post.

While she doesn’t have her own product range/brand yet, be assured that we are working on it 😉