Orphan Black collection & lip news

Hi guys,

so, I’m right now putting up the five Orphan Black polishes that NailTalk so graciously swatched for me. If you are into edgy polish not everyone would wear, make sure to check out these beauties! I had so much fun designing these.

Also, some lip-related news. Starting today, the lip balms will come in the tubes rather than the tins. Because of the smaller size, the price for the lip balms will be reduced by €0,50. The tins will be used for a new lush product: lip scrubs. These are seriously yummy. There are three listings for the lip scrubs. Clove essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil and one for various artifical yummy flavours. One of these includes a strawberry flavoured lip scrub with optional strawberry seeds for extra scrub. We’re obsessed!