Happy International Cat Day!

Yay! It’s the day to celebrate CATS! Five days ago we adopted a little tabby girl named Evie Frye. As soon as she stops moving 100% of the time, I’ll post pictures πŸ™‚ For blurry ones, feel free to check our Instagram. Two cats is dangerously into crazy cat lady territory. And proud πŸ˜›

Cat people are quite something, aren’t they? You never get the appeal of all those cat videos online- until you get a cat. Isn’t that weird? You turn into this person that loses hours of a day, confusedly thinking “but I only went on YouTube for a little bit…”, and you find yourself buying a new tape dispenser for the office because ZOMG this one is in the shape of cat.

Did you know we have a cat merchandise section in the store?Β It offers a variety of cat-themed goodies and soon even some handmade LacquerLabCat accessories! Because if you ask our LacquerLabCats, one can never have enough cat in their life. And who are we to argue?