Archive / August, 2015

New collection: Lady Detectives

Hi all, The Lady Detectives collection is now live! It was reviewed and swatched by Roselynn from Manicured and Marvelous. And I’ll tell you, the pictures are amazing. And maybe, just maybe, it will save you money if you check out her blog before you order. Just maybe. For this collection I’m bringing something here […]

Anti-trophy hunting/poaching collection

*WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES* *Content not for the faint-hearted* Hey all, you may have read on Instagram that I am releasing a charity line. It’s been in the making for a while, but I could never work out all the details. I’m still a bit unsure about how much of a rant I will make this. […]

Happy International Cat Day!

Yay! It’s the day to celebrate CATS! Five days ago we adopted a little tabby girl named Evie Frye. As soon as she stops moving 100% of the time, I’ll post pictures 🙂 For blurry ones, feel free to check our Instagram. Two cats is dangerously into crazy cat lady territory. And proud 😛 Cat […]